In Rome, American and Spanish Academies Present ‘Dialogue: Two Projects of Antoni Muntadas and Giulio Squillacciotti’

Internationally-renowned artist Antoni Muntadas brought two Janiculum neighbors together on Tuesday 7 June 2011, when the American Academy in Rome and the Real Academia de España en Roma united to present two Muntadas events as well as a new project by Italian artist Giulio Squillacciotti.

At 6 PM, Muntadas spoke in the AAR Lecture Room about past work and his new project About Academia, which was seen in its European premiere in the Cryptoporticus of the McKim, Mead & White building. By means of simultaneous projections (texts, interview subjects and architectural spaces) on three screens, About Academia examines the complex interrelationship between “the university” and “academia” in American higher education, both as concepts and as practical entities. This lecture and installation at the AAR are made possible through the generous support of Poste Italiane.

Following the 6 PM lecture and a 7 PM opening of the Cryptoporticus installation, guests proceeded down the Janiculum to the Real Academia de Espana, where Muntadas’ installation Cassetti Aperti is on display in the Hall of Portraits, and where Squillacciotti’s film Casi la mitad de la historia was also shown.

The evening concluded with a large joint reception in the garden of the Spanish Academy. For a full description of the “Dialogue” events see here.

Carol Becker as featured in Antoni Muntadas, About Academia. Credit: Pelin Tan

Muntadas’ provocative installation About Academia considers the possible conflict between a faculty (and its values) and an administration (and its power), in any given American educational institution, extending even to the arena of international relations, with regard to Latin America in particular.

Noam Chomsky as featured in Antoni Muntadas, About Academia. Credit: Pelin Tan

Differing ideas and opinions are explored through interviews conducted by Muntadas with scholars and thinkers including Carol Becker, John Coatsworth and Mark Wigley (Columbia), Ute Meta Bauer, Noam Chomsky and Diane E. Davis (MIT), Thomas Cummins, Brad Epps and Doris Summer (Harvard), Fernando Coronil (CUNY Graduate Center) and Howard Zinn (Boston University).

The show About Academia runs at the AAR through Tuesday 28 June 2011, and can be visited by appointment (06 5846470).

Diane E. Davis (top) and Howard Zinn (bottom) as featured in Antoni Muntadas, About Academia. Credit: Pelin Tan

Antoni Muntadas


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