ACCADEMIA STANZE PERSONE in the Making, Part II: Giovanna Latis

Designer Giovanna Latis at work in the AAR Salone for the current Italian Affiliated Fellows exhibition. Photo: Davide Franceschini/Altrospazio

Giovanna Latis (born in Como, lives and works in Milan) graduated with honors in Architecture from Politecnico di Milano with a degree in Industrial Design. Her works include  interior designs for the Groningen Museum, the Neues Museum Berlin, the Auditorium at the headquarters of Enel in Rome, the renovation of the Teatro Franco Parenti (Milan), and much more—including the highly effective lighting for the blockbuster Caravaggio show on exhibit at Rome’s Scuderie del Quirinale in 2010 and “Le Arti di Piranesi” at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice (2010/11). In the months May through July 2011 Latis will be in residence at the American Academy, as recipient of the first annual Elsa Peretti Italian Affiliated Fellowship in Design.

Giovanna Latis—with fourteen other current and former Italian Affiliated Fellows—is featured in the show ACCADEMIA °  STANZE ° PERSONE, co-curated by Luca Massimo Barbero (MACRO) and Lexi Eberspacher (AAR). The exhibition runs at the Academy until Thursday 3 March 2011. Below is a behind-the-scenes look at the installation of Latis’ Lampada Brancusi 1 and Lampada Brancusi 2 (each 2010).

In the first of these pieces Latis reanimates a classical torso that for some decades (up through the mid-1950s) stood prominently with mismatched elements before the Academy’s McKim Mead & White Building; it now inhabits a corner of the building’s forecourt.

An unpublished photo of the AAR in 1940, just before it was shuttered for the duration of WW II; the (mismatched) head on the torso is that of Nero. Photo: Carl Mydans / LIFE.

In the second piece Giovanna Latis  brilliantly illuminates an architectural model of the AAR grounds. Stefano Silvia of the AAR assisted with the installations. Credit for all photographs below is owed to Davide Franceschini / Altrospazio.

Giovanna Latis
Lampada Brancusi 1
Tondino di ferro piegato e cerato, cavo d’acciaio / Iron rod, folded and waxed, steel cable
160x1x100 cm (variabili / variable)

Lampada Brancusi 2
Tondino di ferro piegato dipinto, cavo d’acciaio / Iron rod, folded and painted, steel cable
160x10x100 cm (variabili / variable)


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