At the AAR, Marking the Rome Sustainable Food Project’s 3rd Anniversary

Friday 26 February 2010 was indeed a day to celebrate—for it marked the third anniversary of the American Academy’s Rome Sustainable Food Project. The endeavor, under the direction of Executive Chef Mona Talbott, has thoroughly rethought the kitchen and dining experience of the American Academy in Rome. It seems the RSFP almost instantly achieved its aim to create a lively (and delicious) “collaborative dining program that nourishes scholarship and conviviality”. And perhaps most importantly, the Rome Sustainable Food Project properly can be viewed as “a replicable model for sustainable dining in an institution.”

In its three years the Rome Sustainable Food Project already has attracted a great deal of attention in print, ranging from The New York Times to countless individual blogs. For a description of the RSFP as it stood a year ago, see this weblog’s account here, or better yet, for current news, join the RSFP’s own Facebook group. For an elegantly written and richly detailed continuous appreciation of the dining experience at the Academy and elsewhere in Rome, it is hard to beat The Roving Locavore, the weblog of AAR Fellow Traveler Amy Campion. And above find the latest contribution to the tributes to the RSFP, a video podcast by AAR Arts and Humanities Intern Diana Mellon, photodocumenting a pizza bianca master class at Antico Forno Roscioli, a breadmaker for the Rome Sustainable Food Project.

Pretty soon you’ll be able to try to emulate the cuisine of Rome Sustainable Food Project at home. A lavishly illustrated series of RSFP recipe books, published by the The Little Bookroom and distributed by Random House, is in the works; the first title, Biscotti, appears this October.

The staff of the Rome Sustainable Food Project in its ‘orto biologico’. Photo: Annie Schlechter

RSVP staff members and volunteers harvest oranges. Photo: Annie Schlechter

The RSFP’s 3rd anniversary, 26 Feb 2010. From left, RSFP Executive Chef Mona Talbott, Sous Chef Chris Boswell, Intern Lisa Costa. Photo: Corey Brennan

Alessandro Lima and the staff of the RSFP. Photo: Corey Brennan

Tsige Teka and the staff of the RSFP.  Photo: Corey Brennan


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