At the Academy in Rome, Dutch artist Roma Pas exhibits “Strangely Great” through 25 February

AAR Affiliated Fellow Roma Pas at the “Strangely Great” exhibition opening 5 February

“Over the library door of the American Academy I found this text saying: THE THINGS THAT / MUST BE ARE SO / STRANGELY GREAT.” And with this, Roma Pas introduces her exhibition of recent, untitled works—a product of her first five months at the AAR as Royal Dutch Institute Affiliated Fellow.

“The works that I’m showing at the galleries”, Pas explains in her statement for the show, “are the results of an artist-in-residence period. They react to features like inscription, ornament, ruin, archeology, wisdom and greatness and attempt to connect to the contemporary media landscape.”

Roma Pas studied fine art at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and works with new media, photography, sculpture and installation. She recently held solo exhibitions at the Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam and Museum Het Domein in Sittard; this May there also will be solo show in New York at the AC Institute in Chelsea.

Group shows included Mass MoCA (USA), Arti et Amicitiae (NL), Spacex (UK), and Scala Mata in Venice (IT). Roma also attended several residencies abroad, for instance at the Chinese European Art Center in Xiamen, Florence Trust Studios in London and Cooper Union in New York.

“As I can see it at this point,” observes Pas, “only two things are inevitable: death and digitization.
Digitization is often seen as a means of conservation and preservation—saving dusty photo archives and obscure historical materials from oblivion—whereas at the same time it’s considered to detract from truth and beauty; authenticity and purity are at stake….One wonders if every new technology or form of progress can also be seen as a form of decay, especially in a city that has tried to escape oblivion in so many ways.”

The Roma Pas exhibition in the Academy’s Gallery (Via Angelo Masina 5, 00153 Roma) will be up until 25 February 2010. It is made possible by The American Academy, Fonds BKVB (Funds for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture) and KNIR (Royal Dutch Institute in Rome). The exhibition can be visited by appointment only. Interested? Call Giulia Barra at 06/5846459.


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