In Rome, ‘Flying Soles’ Showcases the Work of NY Designer Lincoln Brown

In Rome, the American Academy unveils this week a long-anticipated  exhibition of the work of fashion designer Lincoln Brown, curated by Ester Coen and Lexi Eberspacher.

 The show opens Thursday 10 December from 18.00 to 21.00, and remains on view by appointment through 14 January 2010. Founder of Lincoln’s NY, Lincoln Brown is a noted designer of shoes and accessories. His work has won over style-conscious celebrities such as the artist Enzo Cucchi, the designer Anna Sui, the actress Halle Berry, and the musician Mary J. Blige—to name just a few.

The exhibition “Flying Soles” features Lincoln’s NY‘s one-of-a-kind, dazzling and hand-made shoes.  

Plus the event aims to cross over the threshold of the American Academy, and reach into the center of Rome. See a narrated slideshow of the exhibit here.

On Friday 11 December at 18.00, Lincoln’s NY will present “Flying Soles and Paintings” at Galleria Ferranti (Via Soldati 25, Rome), showcasing a collection of shoes by Lincoln’s NY. The shoes were inspired and executed after the paintings of New York-based, cutting-edge artist Mitchell Schorr. The shoes will be exhibited alongside the works of Mitchell Schorr.

But that’s just a start. Saturday 12 December until Monday 11 January, Lincoln’s New York will exhibit original shoes and accessories at the Rome IT-shop Nuyorica. Nuyorica is located in the Campo de’ Fiori neighborhood (Piazza della Pollarola 36/37) and has achieved near cult status with its unusually dedicated clientele. The exhibition will be updated weekly.

Again, on Saturday 12 December, at the boutique shop Tricot (via D. Chelini 15, Rome), Lincoln Brown will exhibit his “Black” collection. “Black” is a collection of black clothing and accessories inspired by luxury skins and textiles. The clothing is made in very limited quantities in collaboration with artist Tomoko Furukawa. The jewelry on display is developed with jewelry designer Barbara Biffoli and is designed to be worn on both the body and the shoe.

In the work of Lincoln Brown, one senses a strong influence of the city of Rome, its history and its dedication to excellence to construction and form. The colors are carefully chosen, brilliant and iconic. The work has the precision, artistry and dynamic that only mavericks of style possess.


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