For the latest from the AAR and its alums, Spring 2009 SOF News now online


The odd thing is that it feels even quicker than a semiannual. Just a few short months ago—or at least it seemed that way—the Winter 2008/9 edition of the Society of Fellows News rolled off the presses and into our mailboxes. And at the same time a downloadable .pdf version on the SOF webpage joined seven year’s worth of archived back issues.

And then last month the latest number popped up, again in large format and blazing full color. You can read the Spring 2009 SOF News here in .pdf format. On the cover (and inside): Stephen Harby FAAR’00 shares an evocative portfolio of sketches from his journey to some of the less well known places of Rajasthan in northern India.

More than a dozen illustrated features follow, including a chat with Academy Director Carmela Vircillo Franklin FAAR’85, RAAR’02; a follow-up on the Rome Sustainable Food Program with AAR Executive Chef Mona Talbott; interviews with composers Yotam Haber FAAR’08 and Paul Moravec FAAR’85; and an essay by music historian Hilary Poriss FAAR’07 on her adventures in researching Rossini in Rome.

SOFN3Plus there’s a spotlight on recent work by artists David Humphrey FAAR’09 (see below), John Newman FAAR’04 (with interview), and Jackie Saccoccio FAAR’05. And Fikret K. Yegul RAAR’98 and John Pinto FAAR’75, RAAR’06 sketch the background to the exhibition of architectural drawings by pre-WW II Academy Fellows that they curated, now on display at AAR offices in New York.


But that’s not the half of it. There’s a tribute to past Chairman of the Board David Childs RAAR’04; letters from SOF News editor James L. Bodnar FAAR’80 and SOF President (and new AAR Mellon Professor) T. Corey Brennan FAAR’88; and important news of a gift and a challenge by architects Stephen Kieran FAAR’81 and James Timberlake FAAR’83 to set up a Permissions Assistant Endowment. And of course lots of other news of books, exhibitions, works, and passages by members of the American Academy in Rome community.


The Editor of the SOF News is James L. Bodnar, FAAR’80. Joel Katz FAAR’03, sees to the elegant design, assisted by Marie Azcueta. Co-Editors are Joanne Spurza FAAR’89 and Catherine Seavitt Nordenson FAAR’98. Additional editing is by Jane Barry.

HobbyHorse2Above: David Humphrey FAAR’09, Hobby Horse, 2008, 8’x9’x4’, wood, paint, paper and assorted drawing materials. Credit: David Humphrey.

As featured in the Spring 2009 SOF News: “Hobby Horse is a drawing display hutch. Its exfoliating skin is made from collaborative works produced in the after-hours studios of various fellows of the American Academy by whoever happened to be present and willing (up to fifteen different people). The support is an upended santa-sleigh made by affiliated fellow Jeff Williams for the annual Christmas play. Humphrey made Hobby Horse for the third in a series of shows organized by the fellows called Drawing as a Social Practice, curated by Marie Lorenz FAAR’09.”


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