Big, bold, and now online: the Winter 2008/9 SOF News


It was early January that the Winter 2008/9 edition of the SOF News rolled off the presses in its striking large spread full-color format.

Haven’t seen it yet? You now can download that issue here—or click here to read seven years’ worth of back issues of the SOF News.


This latest number features the work of recent Fellows in the arts and literature, including Patrick Barron FAAR’06, Anthony Doerr FAAR’05, Ward Shelley FAAR’06, and Lisa Williams FAAR’05.

Diane Favro (Fulbright Fellow in 1979/80) discusses her work on the virtual “Rome Reborn” project—a digital recreation of the city as it stood in the time of the emperor Constantine.

And there’s lots on the place of food and wine in the American Academy in Rome experience—featuring must-read interviews with AAR Executive Chef Mona Talbott on the Rome Sustainable Food Project, and Assistant Director for Operations Pina Pasquantonio on her role as sommelier for the Academy.

sofnrsfp1The staff of the AAR’s Rome Sustainable Food Project, with Mona Talbott at center (in dark apron)

sofnpinaInterview with Pina Pasquantonio, on her path to becoming a wine expert, and the buying and serving of wine at the AAR

And that’s not all. There’s a look at two historic AAR “re-openings” that were the focus of  well-deserved celebrations in Rome in 2007. The first of these marked the centennial of the birth of Laurance P. Roberts, and recalls the re-opening of the AAR after World War II.  The second describes the re-opening of the Arthur and Janet C. Ross Library, which was closed for the year 2006/7 for a comprehensive renovation and expansion.

sofnbibliothecaThe Linda Bettman Reference Room in the AAR Library

AAR President Adele Chatfield-Taylor FAAR’84 writes of the Roberts Centenary celebration; Assistant Director for Properties Cristina Puglisi offers personal thoughts on the Library renovations; and Vice President for Development Elizabeth Gray Kogen remembers Arthur Ross, who died in 2007, aged 96.

sofnrobertsThe fall 2007 celebration of the life of Laurance P. Roberts, AAR Director 1946-1960

The next issue?  Due in May—with pieces by T. Corey Brennan FAAR’88 (on current SOF initiatives undertaken during his presidency, including the New Centennial Directory), by AAR Director Carmela Franklin FAAR’85, RAAR’02 on the life of families at the Academy, and an update from Executive Chef Mona Talbott.

But the main focus will be on musical composition at the Academy—with a feature on the new 4 CD set on Bridge Records, Americans in Rome: Music by Fellows of the American Academy in Rome, and an interview of Yotan Haber FAAR’08 by Heiskell Arts Director Martin Brody RAAR’02, plus much more.

James L. Bodnar FAAR’80 is the Editor of the SOF News. Joel Katz FAAR’03 serves as Associate Editor; he also designed the issue. Joanne Spurza FAAR’89 and Catherine Seavitt Nordenson FAAR’98 as Co-Editors wrote up, respectively, the many notices on SOF individual members and the obituaries.


Like living inside of a TV: from the SOF News cover story, Ward Shelley’s piece on the Flatlands project


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