Roman and American artists collaborate in exhibition series Beware of the Wolf I, II, III

In spring and early summer 2008 the American Academy in Rome hosted BEWARE OF THE WOLF, an ambitious three-part series of exhibitions that displayed work of Fellows and other AAR artists together with work by emerging counterparts from Rome. Two curators with deep knowledge of the Roman art scene—Lorenzo Benedetti and Lexi Eberspracher—organized the exhibition series.

Beware of the Wolf I, which ran 20 March through 2 April 2008 (see above and below for photos from the opening), focused on the narrative process of storytelling. Here “the artists represent reality in different ways, from irony to politics, from chronicle to poetry.” Featured were Tim Davis (FAAR’08), Federico Pietrella, Marco Raparelli, Andrea Salvino, and Caveh Zahedi (FAAR’08).

Below, Caveh Zahedi: video Mussolini was Here (2008);

Andrea Salvino: painting Moi un Noir (2006)

Below, Tim Davis: photographs Politicians in Cyan (2008);

Marco Raparelli: drawings My social awareness (2007)

Beware of the Wolf II (15 May-28 June 2008) explored the space of the work of art as it relates to the subject of landscape, “a process that goes from the abstraction of the landscape to the representation of the urban space.” The show included Adam Chapman, Flavio De Marco, Lisa Sanditz, Corrado Sassi, and Lisa Switkin (FAAR’08).

Below, two paintings by AAR Fellow Traveler Lisa Sanditz: Tang Factory (2008), and The New Mall in Shoe City (2007). For a short excerpt from an interview with Sanditz, a Guggenheim Award winner for 2008/9, discussing the show (audioclip, 1 min.): sanditzbow2

The third and final installment of the Beware of the Wolf series was shown in the AAR gallery space from 12 June through 28 June 2008. “The contrast or relationship between the work of art and the exhibition space”, said the BOW III statement, “represents an essential role in the process of the creation of the work itself. This last exhibition puts in relationship artists who question the balance between the two.”

These artists were Daniel Bozkov (FAAR’08), Marco Fedele di Catrano, Stanislao Di Giugno, Kate Gilmore (FAAR’08), Daniel Mihalyo / Annie Han (FAAR’08), and Alessandro Piangiamore.

Below, Annie Han / Daniel Mihalyo: Under the surface (2008)

Below, Marco Fedele di Catrano: Exchange (2008)

Below, Stanislao di Giugno: Frustrated Thoughts (2008)

Below, Daniel Bozhkov: Cara Claudia (2008)

But wait, there’s more.

For artist statements (.pdf download) for each of the three Beware of the Wolf exhibitions, see:

Beware of the Wolf I

Beware of the Wolf II

Beware of the Wolf III


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